Dining Chair Foam

Our easy to navigate and professional dining chair foam replacement service will breathe new life into your dining chairs, without the need to replace your dining set.

Dining chair foam can over time lose its cushioning appeal and become worn and thin, not only can this affect the visual appearance of your dining chairs but this can also cause the chairs to become uncomfortable and less supportive.

If you are looking to upgrade your dining chairs with replacement cushions, our easy to navigate online ordering system will guide you through the process, allowing you to choose from a comprehensive list of industry standard shapes, pick your foam type, insert your measurements and choose any additions. Once you have chosen your shape and entered all of your specific requirements our online calculator will automatically display the total cost of your order and if you place your order before midday your foam will arrive with you the very next working day.

Bar Stool Shaped Foam
Bespoke Made To Order Foam
Cushion Foam
Cushion Shaped Foam
Round Shaped Foam
Semi-Circle Shaped Foam
Wedge Shaped Foam
Window Seat Foam
Extra Firm

This is a high quality, high density extra firm foam. This foam grade is suitable for replacement sofa cushions, dining room seating, window seats, outdoor seating, boat and caravan interiors.

If your cushions exceed 4” (10cm) in thickness, we recommend choosing a luxury medium foam.


This is a high quality, firm density foam. This foam grade is a firm foam suitable for replacement sofa cushions, dining room seating, window seats, outdoor seating, boat and caravan interiors and is not quite as dense as the extra firm grade foam.

If your cushions exceed 4” (10cm) in thickness, we recommend choosing a luxury medium foam.


This is a high quality, luxury grade medium density foam. This foam grade is recommended for replacement cushions that exceed 4” (10cm) in thickness. Luxury medium foam is suitable for sofa cushions, dining room seating, window seating, outdoor seating, boat and caravan interiors.

6lb Chip Foam

This is a reconstituted, super dense and ultra-firm foam, given its density and durability this foam is great for replacement gymnastic mats, gym benches, vehicle seating and any commercial use, high impact or load bearing applications, it also has excellent sound proofing qualities.

Foam comes in a variety of shapes and for your convenience we have provided diagrams of each standard template shape, according to your selected usage.

Once you have selected your required shape, you will be asked to enter your required measurements. In order to ensure the accuracy of your measurements, we recommend removing the existing foam inserts from your cushion covers and laying the covers on a flat surface, ensuring no bumps or creases, whilst being careful not to stretch the material.

Our custom cut calculator will guide you through which measurements are required, according to your chosen shape. We have provided a visual guide for ease of use and we recommend measuring each dimension across the middle of the cover, as often the corners are stitched tighter for added strength, therefore hindering the accuracy of your measurements.

Once you have recorded all of the required dimensions, you will need to input these measurements in to the correct fields as outline by our custom cut calculator, ensuring to always refer back to the visual guide for reference.

Dacron, a polyester fibre, also known as poly wrap, cushion wrap, Terylene, Kodel and Fibrefill, is a synthetic resin that is used to wrap cut foam. Dacron is durable, high quality and unlike natural fibres it is hypoallergenic, non-absorbent and mildew-resistant. There are many benefits to using Dacron to wrap foam surfaces, in this instance wrapping your replacement sofa cushions will help to reduce friction, therefore reducing wear to the fabric. It offers a rounded and softer appearance to your cushions and owed to its springy qualities it will continue to push against the fabric, fill imperfections and keep wear waves from developing, even as the fabric ages.

Stockinette, an elasticized fabric made from reyon, is fitted to cushions to allow for easier insertion of your foam in to its cover and to reduce creasing of the cushion fabric. Without Stockinette and Dacron there is a risk that your cushions will be more prone to becoming deformed or misshaped. Stockinette perfectly complements the use of Dacron wrap and we recommend the fitting of both to your replacement sofa cushions.

Our custom cut calculator is designed to provide you with an instant quote for your online order, according to your requirements. Once you have selected your shape, supplied your dimensions, chosen your foam type and added any additions the calculator will automatically generate the cost of your order, providing you with the total cost prior to placing your order.